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Site Monitoring - Interpretation, modelling and assessment of site monitoring datasets and monitoring tool development

Monitoring at In Salah (courtesy of  In Salah Gas)
This subproject has three main elements:
  • Deployment and testing of a range of monitoring tools at a number of active CO2 storage sites
  • Developing and testing innovative monitoring tools and methodologies
  • Incorporating findings from the site deployments and tool development into an integrated assessment of monitoring tool capabilities and a template for developing effective monitoring systems for range of storage situations
In addition, supplying site monitoring datasets in order to update and calibrate the performance assessments developed therein is also an important part of this subproject.

Key output: Monitoring tools and technologies

A wide range of monitoring tools have been developed, deployed and tested within CO2ReMoVe, from soil gas sampling in the Algerian desert, to 3D seismic acquisition in the North Sea. Technologies for monitoring CO2 storage sites range from tools deployed in deep boreholes through deep-focussed geophysical methods, to surface and atmospheric measurement tools and even airborne and satellite mounted instruments. You can find a complete overview here.
Many of these tools are relatively mature, having been developed in the oil industry in the search for hydrocarbons, and can be applied to CO2 monitoring with relatively little further development. Other tools, particularly for shallow and surface monitoring, require further technological development and field testing.

Also, a software integration platform based on the Ocean interface has been developed by SSR Norway. Several new modules for the platform have been developed, including forward modelling of the gravity response of a CO2 plume, enhanced fault/fracture/discontinuity mapping using Mutants, extrema detection and classification technology, 1D and 3D non-rigid matching of time-lapsed seismic volumes.
Some of the tools under development are outlined here.

Tools under development

Shallow monitoring systems Panarea Underwater monitoring tools: A key requirement for offshore storage is the capability to monitor for potential CO2 fluxes underwater. An autonomous gas flow monitoring system, optimized for low cost, durability and unattended operation for 3-6 months has been developed at BGR ... {read more}
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