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Site Datasets - Obtaining monitoring data for R&D purposes

This subproject is concerned specifically with
  • Obtaining monitoring data at the sites for R&D purposes.
  • Monitoring data acquired on the storage sites to demonstrate site safety.
The site owners will make available resources, facilities and ancillary datasets to enable the deployment of a range of monitoring technologies.
In this subproject we cover those costs for acquiring, processing and supplying monitoring data at the injection sites, which are directly payable to external subcontractors i.e. data that cannot be acquired by the project partners. As such, activity is largely aimed at collecting the datasets necessary for the main research and dissemination work to be carried out in subprojects 2 and 4.
Each Site Operator will be contractually and operationally responsible for onsite work carried out in this subproject. In addition to data specifically acquired, other existing site geological and monitoring datasets will be made available to the project as required. Interpretation of these datasets will be carried out under SP2 and, in particular, SP3.
CO2ReMoVe will focus on the four major industrial sites which will inject around 1Mt of CO2 per year.
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