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CO2 Storage Sites

Over the last years, Europe has invested large research efforts in CO2 geological storage, gaining experience with several storage facility types. These ‘subsurface laboratories’ all come with there own unique characteristics and challenges. Together they provide an integrated portfolio that Co2ReMoVe gratefully uses to apply their work on a variety of possible storage scenarios.
The four main storage sites range from aquifers beneath quite deep gas fields (In Salah in Algeria, Snohvit in Norway) to the much shallower Utsira aquifer (Sleipner in Norway) and the on land shallow formations of Ketzin (Germany). Other sites investigated include an enhanced oil recovery project (Weyburn in Canada), an old gas field (K12-B in The Netherlands) and an enhanced coalbed methane project (Kaniov in Poland.

In Salah – Algeria

Operators: BP, Statoil, Sonatrach In Salah is the world's first onshore industrial-scale CO2 storage site designed specifically for environmental purposes. CO2 injection started in 2004, at a rate of about 0.9 Mt per year. The developments taking place in Algeria's In Salah gas fields are estimated to be cos ... {read more}

Sleipner - Norway

Operator: StatoilHydro Images of the CO2 plume at Sleipner from the time-lapse 3D seismic data, showing the baseline survey in 1994 and growth of the brightly reflective plume on subsequent surveys. Top panels show a vertical cross-section through the plume, bottom panels show a plan view of the Utsira reservoir ... {read more}

Snohvit - Norway

Operator: StatoilHydro Snohvit map (courtesy of Statoil) The Snøhvit gas fields development comprises three fields - Snøhvit, Albatross and Askeladd. These lie in the Barents Sea, about 140km north-west of Hammerfest in northern Norway. The fields were discovered in 1984 in 250m to 345m of water and extend a ... {read more}

Ketzin - Germany

Operator: Geoforschungs Zentrum Potsdam (GFZ) The schema In June 2008 the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences began with the underground storage of CO2 in Ketzin. Within the framewok of the European CO2-SINK project up to 60.000 tons of CO2 will be stored at a depth of more than 600 m between 2008 and ... {read more}

K12-B - The Netherlands

Operator: Gaz de France The schema K12-B is the first site in the world where CO2 is being injected into the same reservoir from which it was, together with methane, produced. Investigated is the feasibility of CO2 injection and storage in depleted natural gas fields and the corresponding monitoring and veri ... {read more}

Kaniow - Poland

Operator: CMI The schema A pilot site for CO2 storage in coal seams was set-up at Kaniow, Poland. This site consisted of one injection and one production well. About 760 ton of CO2 has been injected into the reservoir from August 2004 to June 2005. A follow-up EC project, MOVECBM, aimed at determining the st ... {read more}

Weyburn - Canada

Operator: IEA-GHG In 1998, a Canadian oil and gas corporation (then PanCanadian Petroleum, now EnCana Corporation) announced to implement a large scale EOR project in an oilfield near Weyburn, Saskatchewan, using CO2 captured from a coal gasification power plant. This provided a chance to demonstrate and study a large-scale ... {read more}
Storage Sites