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Ketzin - Germany

Operator: Geoforschungs Zentrum Potsdam (GFZ)

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In June 2008 the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences began with the underground storage of CO2 in Ketzin. Within the framewok of the European CO2-SINK project up to 60.000 tons of CO2 will be stored at a depth of more than 600 m between 2008 and 2010.
The injection and storage of CO2 in deep, salt water filled, porous rocks will be examined Europe-wide by GFZ and 18 partners from 9 different countries. An injection well and two observation wells have been successfully lowered to depths of 800 m, equipped with modern sensor technology and successfully tested. The safety of the underground store is supported by extensive survey reports.
With this pilot plant a large laboratory is generated in which the behavior of CO2 in the underground can be examined under natural conditions. The selected rock formation is suitable for this project due to its geology. There are multiple impermeable layers of cap rock whcih give this storage location a natural multi-barrier system. Due to the complex structure of the underground the resolution of different monitoring Technologies could be tested and improved.
Depending on the development of the injection of CO2 at the Ketzin site, plans will be drawn up as the CO2ReMoVe projects develops to further exploit Ketzin opportunities.
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