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Time-lapse seismic AVP analysis on the Sleipner CO2 storage monitoring data using CFP processing

CO2 Geological Storage Workshop/ 72nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2010, Barcelona, Spain.
Neele, F.P. and Arts, R.J.
CO2 has been injected into the Utsira Sand at Sleipner since 1996, with more than 11 million
tonnes currently in the reservoir. Six time-lapse seismic monitoring surveys to follow the migration
of the CO2 in the reservoir have been carried out. This paper describes a pre-stack data analysis of
the top-most accumulation of the CO2. The aim is to validate the assumed rock physics framework
by comparing the extracted time-lapse pre-stack amplitude versus ray-parameter (AVP) data with
the expected response. To this end the application of an innovative processing scheme is proposed
to extract the AVP-gathers from the Sleipner data. A clear match can be observed in the trend of
the AVP behaviour for water saturated sand versus CO2 saturated sand.
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