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CO2 streams containing associated components - A review of the thermodynamic and geochemical properties and assessment of some reactive transport codes

Energy Procedia. Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies 9, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-9), 16–20 November 2008, Washington DC, USA
Jacquemet, N., Le Gallo, Y., Estublier, A., Lachet, V., von Dalwigk, I., Yan, J., Azaroual, M. and Audigane P.

Modelling of the impact on storage of “CO2-associated components” has rarely been addressed so far. This review, performed within the European research project CO2ReMoVe, exposes a selection of CO2 streams compositions coming from thermal power plants emissions and those injected in pilot sites part of the CO2ReMoVe project. It highlights the lack of data coming from laboratory experiments to describe properly the physical properties of some relevant gas mixtures. The geochemical impact of only 2 components (SO2 and H2S) is evidenced by some geochemical studies. Concerning the numerical modelling, four reactive transport codes (PHREEQC, SCALE2000, TOUGHREACT and COORES) were assessed. Actual limitations lie mainly in the capacity of calculating the physical properties of the whole set of gases (CO2-O2-SO2-N2-Ar-NOx-H2S-COS-CO-H2-HCl-NH3-CH4-C2H6-H2O). The new data acquired within on-going French projects will complete the knowledge of such complex gas mixtures behaviour.