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OGS - SerianiĀ Geza

+ 39-(0)402140212
Geza Seriani is Head of Geophysical Modelling Group at OGS. Since 1981 he is working mainly on computational methods and numerical modelling techniques applied to geophysics. The research interests are on rock physics, wave propagation in complex geological structures and in realistic media, on the numerical modelling of these phenomena and scientific computing methods such as Spectral techniques, Finite Element Analysis and on massive parallel computing. He has various published papers on these topics. He is editor of Proceedings of  International Conference on Theoretical & Computational Acoustics (1999) and member of the editorial board of Journal of Computational Acoustics. Actually he is Vice-Director of the department Geophysics of Lithosphere and scientific co-ordinator for OGS of the research activities within the EU NoE Co2Geonet (Leader of the WP6) and within the EU Marie-Curie SPICE project (Seismic wave Propagation and Imaging in Complex media: a European network).