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OGS - Rossi Giuliana

Giuliana Rossi received her BS and MS in Geology (1988) and her PhD in Geophysics and Geodynamics (1993) from the University of Trieste, Italy. After four months at the Institute of Theoretical Geophysics at the Cambridge University (UK) with a Post-Doc grant of the Royal Society, she continued her research at the University of Trieste with a fellowship of the Italian National Institute of Geophysics. In 1995 she joined the OGS, where she is now a research scientist. Her interests are modelling and seismic tomography, use of integrated geophysical methods, rock properties studies and geodynamics. She have been involved in many European projects, devoted to detect hydrocarbons (TO3D), their time changes (4D-tails), or the gas-hydrates and free-gas distribution within the sediments (Hydratech). She ruled MICA and VALERIA Italian projects for the study of aquifers. She is the scientific responsible for OGS of EU CASTOR project, and she is involved in the research activities within EU NoE Co2Geonet. She leads the OGS research group REDAS-Research, Development and Applications for Seismic, mainly devoted to seismic tomography; she is associated Editor of Geophysical Prospecting.