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BP is the world’s second largest publicly-owned integrated energy company (behind ExxonMobil). Employing 100,000 staff around the world it holds reserves of 18 billion barrels (oil equivalent) and in 2003 BP reported $10 billion operating profit from a turnover of $230 billion. BP is owned by around 1.2 million people and daily production is 1.9 million barrels of oil and 8.6 billion cubic feet of gas and 6.7 million barrels of refined products. BP’s head office is in London, UK and BP has operations in most of the world’s countries.

Relevant to the DYNAMIS objectives, BP leads the CO2 capture project and the In Salah CO2 storage project. BP conducts significant research into alternative energy sources and sells around 70MW solar capacity a year. BP operates a large number of commercial hydrogen plants around the world and is leading several hydrogen infrastructure demonstrations.

BP spends around $1 billion a year on technology development and BP’s group technology function is based in Sunbury, UK.
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