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TNO - Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research

Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is the largest fully independent Research, Development and Consultancy organisation in the Netherlands with a staff of about 5,400 and a total annual turnover of about 515 million Euros. TNO its primary tasks are to support and assist trade and industry including SME’s, governments and others in technological innovation and in solving problems by rendering services and transferring knowledge and expertise. TNO has and is participates in many EU programmes aiming at technological development. TNO performs its widely ranging activities in 15 independent institutes. The following institutes will be involved in the proposed work.

The Netherlands Institute of Applied Geosience - TNO National Geological Survey is the central institute for geoscientific information and research in the Netherlands, working for the sustainable management and use of the subsurface and the natural resources found there. The applied geoscientific and associated technology research as well as the complex geo-advisory carried out by the institute fits with the geoscientific and technological components that are carried out by governments and business, both national and international. The institute has a long history of CO2 storage research and will be mainly involved in the sequestration side of in proposed study.