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SPR - SINTEF Petroleum Research

SINTEF (The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at The Norwegian Institute of Technology) was established in 1950 by the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), which now forms part of NTNU. Two intentions were involved: SINTEF was to encourage technological and other types of industrially oriented research at the Institute. SINTEF was also to meet the need for research and development in the public and private sectors. With its 1700 employees, the SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. Our turnover in 2001 was NOK 1.7 billion. Contracts for industry and the public sector generate more than 90% of our income, while 7% came in the form of basic non-targeted grants from the Research Council of Norway. Today the SINTEF Group consist of The SINTEF Foundation (with eight Research Institutes) and four Research Companies. SINTEF Applied Chemistry is the largest applied chemistry research institute in Norway. The client base is the chemical, metallurgical and petrochemical industries, oil refineries, the pharmaceutical and food industries and the public sector. The institute consists of 10 research departments, located in Trondheim and Oslo. The total number of employee is 178, of whom 114 are research scientists. In 2001 the turnover was NOK 164 million. SINTEF Petroleumsforskning AS (SINTEF Petroleum Research), a fully consolidated subsidiary of the SINTEF Group, provides contract research, development and consultancy services world wide within petroleum exploration and production technology. Our company has a 30 year long track record in petroleum research and has been a leading provider of technology, know-how and competence to the field developments offshore Norway. SINTEF Energiforskning AS (SINTEF Energy Research), a part of the SINTEF Group, is an independent general-purpose research institute involved in research, development, dissemination and information concerning energy sources, the provision of energy by generation, transmission, conversion, distribution, and the end-use of energy. SINTEF Energy Research also works with aspects related to fuels and combustion in thermal processes. The objective is to stimulate the development and innovation in industry and the public sector - nationally and internationally.
SINTEF Petroleum Research