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CMI - Central Mining Institute of Poland

Central Mining Institute (CMI) of Katowice, with its integral part – Experimental Mine “Barbara” in Mikolow (founded in 1925) is a governmental, research and development unit with over fifty years experience in mining, environmental and civil engineering and related fields. Its mission is the creation of modern, energy saving and clean technologies, technical solutions, serving for the formation of favourable relations: People – Industry – Environment.
CMI undertakes complex and interdisciplinary tasks in almost all branches of industry. The Institute’s commercial activity comprises the research projects, providing of know-how, expertise, consulting and training. CMI has been participating in several long-term research projects oriented on development of clean coal technologies including hydro-liquefaction of coal, separation of coal derived gaseous mixtures (coke oven gas) using membranes and PSA techniques, underground coal seam sequestration of carbon dioxide (RECOPOL - 5th FP).
Central Mining Institute of Poland