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NGO-research dialogue on CO2ReMoVe results

23 February 2011 - Brussels
The CO2ReMoVe project and the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) are organising a workshop aimed at enabling environmental NGOs to influence the direction of research in monitoring and verification of geological CO2 storage.
One of the most challenging and controversial aspects of CCS is whether carbon dioxide can be permanently stored in geological formations. Although in the very long term permanence of geological CO2 storage can never be fully proven, effective and consistent monitoring and verification protocols and best practices can bring down risks.
However, such methods have to be developed and tested. Since 2006, in the EU Sixth Framework Programme project CO2ReMoVe, energy companies and research organisations, collaborate to create a science-based reference for the monitoring and verification of CO2 geological storage. Using actual operating storage sites as proxies, CO2ReMoVe offers practical insights for storage guidelines and standards.
With CO2ReMoVe entering its final year, the project consortium would like to disseminate the initial findings, but especially receive feedback on the relevance of its results and make last adjustments when needed. Therefore, this specific workshop is organised for civil society. During the workshop, a summary of the scientific results and findings from various technical components of the CO2ReMoVe project will be shared. Environmental organisations attending have the benefit of influencing the research agenda, direct access to geoscientists and immediate access to the most up-to-date information.
The workshop is by invitation only.
For more information, please contact Heleen de Coninck at the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands.
Email:; Phone: +31 224 564316.